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Wayback Wednesdays Live to air on Z103 radio station

Gravity Soundbar - February 27th, 2013

These 402 thumbnails you are about to see in the large grid below are small sizes of the large normal high-quality awesome photos we have taken using a professional camera with a quality flash unit at Gravity Soundbar on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013.

Select one to see the higher quality rendition of it in large size, and you just might have been CAUGHT on our professional camera BIG TIME!


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Please note that...

...due to our busy lifestyles outside of, it is impossible for us to sit down and spend time monitoring every little detail of each individual image. We do remove content (including pictures from Gravity Soundbar) that is considered non family-friendly. If you notice any photo that is not family-friendly, please report it to us immediately so we can remove it. Thank you.

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